WOK Releases BIGREV Reverb Effect (Free With Any Purchase)


BIGREV, a long reverb VST plugin for Windows has just been released by WOK, and it’s currently available free of charge as a bonus with any purchase. This special promotion was introduced on January 1st and will run until the end of March 2015.

The BIGREV reverb is the latest addition to WOK’s “one-trick-pony-chain, and it has been specifically designed for long reverb trails. As with other items in this series, the makers have ensured that the GUI features minimal controls, thereby paving the way for quick results when used.

Consumer can get their hands on BIGREV simply by purchasing any available plugin via WOK (32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

With simplicity in mind, BIGREV was designed with just four individual parameters which allow users to effectively control the input gain and mix ratio, in addition to being able to control both the tone and the duration of the reverb.

There is simply no doubt about it: if you appreciate user friendly plugins that have an easy to use interface, then WOK’s “One Trick Pony” freeware series is definitely something you should be looking into. Among the offerings you’ll come across are a superb reverse delay effect  and an equally as impressive micro pitch shifter plugin.

Additional freeware VST plugins can also be found by visiting WOK’s official website, and it’s worth noting that all their plugins are available in 32-bit VST format, thereby ensuring they are compatible with Windows operating systems.

Audio Demo

Check out the BIGREV audio demo:


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