OverTone DSP – Program EQ CM – Free With Computer Music #203

overtone EQ

Inside of the brand new issue of Computer Music is a free plugin called the Program EQ CM. It’s in VST format and will work on both Windows and Mac Based computers.

“Balance bass, tone up treble and inject some analogue-modelled character into your tracks and mixes with Program EQ CM, a tasty Pultec-style equaliser plugin for PC and Mac.”

You can get the latest edition CM #203, online from the Apple Newsstand or Google Play. The cost of the digital issue is only £2.99 via Zinio.

All of the bonus content comes bundled in the online version as well as the printed version. What that means is that you will have access to the entire CM Studio plugins which features dozens vsti’s and effects. This is perfect for anyone taking their first steps into the production world.

The Program EQ CM has been designed and modeled after a Pultec style EQ which is very well known for it’s high and low end EQ curves. The trick to this EQ is to boost and cut at the same time because it results in a more focused bottom and top end.

The most recent issue of Computer Music magazine, also comes jam packed with over 2700 exclusive free samples as well as a run down of the brand spanking new Bitwig multitrack host. If you were one of the customers who purchase the lastest issue of CM, electronically, then you will need to visit the CM Vault and register your dopy in order to gain access to all the other goodies.

Video Demo

Check out the Program EQ CM demo video:


Computer Music #203