LinPlug Introduces FreeAlpha v3.3 Public Beta


LinPlug has just released a newer version of FreeAlpha which is set to be public beta release. It’s an extremely powerful, yet very CPU light, freeware virtual analog synth.

“Here’s a preview of the new FreeAlpha. Now Mac and PC (and including a couple of bugfixes), Thanks everyone for your help!”

The latest release of this plugin is a free download via KVR Audio (9.36 MB EXE/DMG, VSTi/AUi, Win/Mac).

The older version of FreeAlpha was actually my go to synth for any of my live gigs. I’m super happy to see that its still being improved upon to this day. This was inspired by the Alpha Juno-1 analogue synthesizer and is extremely powerful. It’s super light on the CPU and I was able to load it on my old laptop with out any issues. This is definitely the perfect tool for creating those classic 80’s sounds but also works great for bass and leads too.

The newest version of this plugin comes with an improved GUI which is much cleaner then the older version. It has an improved modulation matrix that comes with 11 mod slots. It also has a cool new patch browser that is full screen. The newest features that are probably my favourite though are the filter saturation and unison mode which came from the Alpha Virtual Synth

Video Demo

Check out the FreeAlpha demo video:


Download FreeAlpha