Free Roland TB-303 Audio Loops And Samples By Navi Retlav Studio

Navi Retlav Studio has come out with Dirty Transistor Bass sound library comprised of demo loops and samples taken from their commercial product based off of the Roland TB-303 bass synth.

“Navi Retlav Studio just released the “Navi Retlav – Dirty Transistor Bass” WAV sample pack. It’s our first WAV release and together with that samples we released a free demo with 40 WAV loops and 10 one shots, which is over 100MB.”

This Demo content is available as a free download via Navi Retlav Studio (117 MB RAR archive, 40 loops, 10 samples, 24 bit WAV).

In order for you to download this freebie, go all the way down to the bottom of the page (from the link above) and click on the Download Demo button. The link is a direct download so you don’t have to worry about signing up for any email lists or anything.

This free version comes with a modest selection of audio loops and one shot samples from their paid version pack. Even though its just a sample pack, it has more than enough samples and loops to for you to experiement for hours with. Everything is organized into folders by BPM for easy navigation.

If you decide that you want the full version of Dirty Transistor, it’s set for a modest price at $29 and it’s full contents come with 280 loops with 150 one shots straight from Roland’s famous silver box. You can also get this library form the link above.


Audio Demo

Check out the Dirty Transistor Bass audio demo:


Dirty Transistor Bass