Free Casio CK-10 Sample Collection Released By PatchArena (SFZ)


PatchArena has captured the sound of the Casio CK-10 toy keyboard by releasing their new free multi sample collection which also includes a collection of compatible SFZ patches

Presenting the PatchArena Free Casio CK-10 Sample Pack! A suite of 5 multi-sampled Casiotone instruments in SFZ format. The samples are looped and ready to be used in your sampler of choice.”

This pack is available as a free download via PatchArena (29.3 MB ZIP, 46 samples, 16-bit WAV, 5 patches in SFZ format).

You can have all 5 of these classic sounds from the Casio toy keyboard (Flute, Piano, Fantasy, Violin, and Percussion). They have all been multi-sampled, giving you 46 samples in WAV format. You should instantly recognize these classic sounds as they were shared by most of the Casio keyboards back in the day. Even though PatchArena has included the SFZ files, you can still load them up in your favourtie sampler.

If you donload these samples and you decide that they sound as good as you expected, than you should really check out the Yamaha SHS-10 collection from their site (downloaded here). It’s packed with the best of the best Yamaha sounds that you know and love.

I’ve downloaded the samples myself and must say that these are exactly how I remember them. I have used them in a few sessions and I will definitely be using them more in the future. All I can say is, you need to download them and at least give them a try. What do you have to lose? They are free after all.


Check out the video demo here:


Casio CK-10 Samples