Ensemblia For NI Kontakt Released by Cinematique Instruments


Cinematique Instruments releases a new freeware of Ensemblia, which is a super simple to use chamber orchestra arranger for Kontakt.

Esemblia is a an instruments for NI Kontakt that can be described as an in-the-box orchestra.  The free version of this plugin comes with less presets compared to its big brother – the full version – but it still is a very useful tool for composition.  Scrolling through all the different presets and playing around with the chord progressions is an easy and fun way to inspire musical ideas.

The complete version of Ensemblia is priced at €219 and it comes packed with fifteen different instruments with multiple articulations spread across seven mix faders and 52 musical style.  In order to download the free version, you need to give an email address which the plugin is delivered to electronically.

Demo Video

Check out the Ensemblia video demo:


Get Ensemblia Free via Cinematique Instruments (197 MB , ZIP file, 1 patch in NKI).