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Free Arturia MiniBrute Techno Loop Pack By Spunkface Samplers

Announcing the release of Arturia Minibrute Loops from Spunkface Sampler. It’s a free collection of ten loops from the MiniBrute analogue synthesizer by Arturia.

Arturia Minibrute loops is a raw collection of 10 techno loops. Each loop is careful sculpted from the Arturia Minibrute, using a selection of analog processors included the UA 710 pre and the Neve 8816.

This loop package is available as a free download via Spunkface Samplers (14.2 MB ZIP,10 audio loops, 24bit WAV).

Just know that in order to download the loops, you must post a link on facebook or twitter. All you have to do is click on the “download now” from the link above and you can proceed to download.

The sample pack contains a few loops from the MiniBrute synth. It’s a cool little synthesizer with Steiner-Parker filters, which really do sound good. The bundled loops are meant for techno styled music but they can work with other genres of dance music as well. Beyond this loop library, you can find many other free sample packs from the Spunkface website.

Spunkface Samplers have also released a collection called Deep Tech 2 for £16.90. This pack contains over 500 loops and one shots specifically for deep techno. You can try their free pack which includes a small selection of samples and is available for download on the site.

Audio Demo

Check out the Arturia Minibrute Loops audio demo:


Download Arturial Minibrute Loopsclick here

Free Casio CK-10 Sample Collection Released By PatchArena (SFZ)


PatchArena has captured the sound of the Casio CK-10 toy keyboard by releasing their new free multi sample collection which also includes a collection of compatible SFZ patches

Presenting the PatchArena Free Casio CK-10 Sample Pack! A suite of 5 multi-sampled Casiotone instruments in SFZ format. The samples are looped and ready to be used in your sampler of choice.”

This pack is available as a free download via PatchArena (29.3 MB ZIP, 46 samples, 16-bit WAV, 5 patches in SFZ format).

You can have all 5 of these classic sounds from the Casio toy keyboard (Flute, Piano, Fantasy, Violin, and Percussion). They have all been multi-sampled, giving you 46 samples in WAV format. You should instantly recognize these classic sounds as they were shared by most of the Casio keyboards back in the day. Even though PatchArena has included the SFZ files, you can still load them up in your favourtie sampler.

If you donload these samples and you decide that they sound as good as you expected, than you should really check out the Yamaha SHS-10 collection from their site (downloaded here). It’s packed with the best of the best Yamaha sounds that you know and love.

I’ve downloaded the samples myself and must say that these are exactly how I remember them. I have used them in a few sessions and I will definitely be using them more in the future. All I can say is, you need to download them and at least give them a try. What do you have to lose? They are free after all.


Check out the video demo here:


Casio CK-10 Samples

FREE Samples + Music Making Contest At Wave Alchemy


Wave Alchemy just released what they call Producer Contest 2014.  It’s a music making contest with over 8 thousand dollas in prizes from audio software to soundware. In addition to those prizes they are also giving away a 1GB sample library for free.

The contest was officially launched on the 24th of October and the the winners will be selected by Dan Byers and Steve Heath from Wave Alchemy, on November 12th. There will be three winners in total. The prizes include Wave Alchemy’s complete product catalog, as well as some fantastic prizes donated by other companies (NI Kontakt 5, U-He Bazzille synth, etc.). If you want to see the entire list of prizes please visit the links provided.

More info: Producer Contest 2014

The sample pack that is provided, contains over 1 gigabyte of audio samples and was personally hand picked from commerically released Waves Alchemy releases.  To enter you should use the samples from the 1 GB library but you are also free to use additional sounds.  In addition you are encouraged to process and re-arrange the samples to your liking.

From what I understand the samples in the package are also provided to be used royalty free outside of the contest.  Once I find out the details I will include them in this post.

UPDATE: Our reader Greg Boyce has informed me that the pack contains a disclaimer which says the samples are available royalty free outside of the competition.  That’s super good news!!  The pack comes with some really high quality and amazing samples.  It’s definitely a download that I would recommend.

Good luck and have fun making music! 🙂


Dowload the samples and enter the contest here

Red EQ – Free EQ Plugin Released By Acustica Audio


Red EQ, an enhanced VST plugin for Windows and Mac operating systems has just been released by Acustica Audio. Described as a freeware, 3-band coloring equalizer, Red EQ is based on “Acqua” technology, and provides music lovers with three fixed bands: 80Hz; 1.8kHz and 8kHz.

Although Red EQ might at first appear to be somewhat limited in comparison to a parametric, users will soon discover that the frequencies have been chosen carefully, resulting in truly superb sounds. Along with the three fixed bands, the EQ can provide up to 6dB boost/cut per band, with the low and high bands serving as shelving EQs, while the middle band delivers a standard bell response. The interface has been designed to be both practical and also user friendly, featuring an EQ bypass button, as well input and output gain controls.

A very useful input meter which users will find on the right hand side of the interface helps to “signal clipping” which is caused by unwanted distortion of an audio signal on the input – if red light comes on, users should immediately reduce input gain.

If you favor equalizers that are based on Acqua technology, the ARQ High EQ created by CDSoundMaster is something you should definitely take a look at. It is really fantastic for enhancing the higher frequencies, adding just the right amount of energy to your audio signals. If your passion lies with more traditional types of EQs, we recommend that you take a look at our growing list of parametric equalizers which are also available as freeware. At present, I am using SlickEQ by VOS and TDR, although I would say that SonEQ by Sonimus is equally as good.

If you would like to get your hands on a free copy of the Acustica Audio RED EQ, simply click on the link provided below. Clicking on the link will take you to the product page where you will be able to add it to your cart before proceeding to checkout (Free). You will however need to create a free Acustica Audio user account in order to gain access to the download link which will then automatically appear in your browser window. Choose between the VST plugin or the Nebula Free library pack and enjoy.


Red EQ is available for free download via Acustica Audio (53.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac).

Free Roland TB-303 Audio Loops And Samples By Navi Retlav Studio

Navi Retlav Studio has come out with Dirty Transistor Bass sound library comprised of demo loops and samples taken from their commercial product based off of the Roland TB-303 bass synth.

“Navi Retlav Studio just released the “Navi Retlav – Dirty Transistor Bass” WAV sample pack. It’s our first WAV release and together with that samples we released a free demo with 40 WAV loops and 10 one shots, which is over 100MB.”

This Demo content is available as a free download via Navi Retlav Studio (117 MB RAR archive, 40 loops, 10 samples, 24 bit WAV).

In order for you to download this freebie, go all the way down to the bottom of the page (from the link above) and click on the Download Demo button. The link is a direct download so you don’t have to worry about signing up for any email lists or anything.

This free version comes with a modest selection of audio loops and one shot samples from their paid version pack. Even though its just a sample pack, it has more than enough samples and loops to for you to experiement for hours with. Everything is organized into folders by BPM for easy navigation.

If you decide that you want the full version of Dirty Transistor, it’s set for a modest price at $29 and it’s full contents come with 280 loops with 150 one shots straight from Roland’s famous silver box. You can also get this library form the link above.


Audio Demo

Check out the Dirty Transistor Bass audio demo:


Dirty Transistor Bass