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Ensemblia For NI Kontakt Released by Cinematique Instruments


Cinematique Instruments releases a new freeware of Ensemblia, which is a super simple to use chamber orchestra arranger for Kontakt.

Esemblia is a an instruments for NI Kontakt that can be described as an in-the-box orchestra.  The free version of this plugin comes with less presets compared to its big brother – the full version – but it still is a very useful tool for composition.  Scrolling through all the different presets and playing around with the chord progressions is an easy and fun way to inspire musical ideas.

The complete version of Ensemblia is priced at €219 and it comes packed with fifteen different instruments with multiple articulations spread across seven mix faders and 52 musical style.  In order to download the free version, you need to give an email address which the plugin is delivered to electronically.

Demo Video

Check out the Ensemblia video demo:


Get Ensemblia Free via Cinematique Instruments (197 MB , ZIP file, 1 patch in NKI).

Freeware Evolving M4L Reverb Effect => GliderVerb


GliderVerb, has just been released from Amazing Noises. It’s an interesting reverb device which simulates a room that gradually changes the shape of it’s room over a set period of time.

“GliderVerb is a “reverberator with glissandos” simulating a room gradually changing its shape. It is an expanded version of an algorithm created by James McCartney for his Supercollider 2 programming language.”

This new verb plugin is available as a free download via Amazing Noises (17.1kB ZIP, 1 Max for Live device in AMXD format for Ableton Live).

You should be aware that you will have to sign up for a free Amazing Noises account for you to be able to download it. All you need to do is add it to your shopping cart and then finish the procedure at check out. The link will then become available to you through the browser window as well as your email. The link in the browser window is pretty tiny, so make sure you don’t miss it.

The unique aspect about GliderVerb is that it replicates a room that is constantly changing which is a completely new and exciting concept. It sounds really neat on paper kind of like a revolving reverb sound. You could easily get similar effects by automating the parameters on a normal reverb plugin but having a tool that specifically takes care of that for you is cool (and it’s free!).

This free reverb will work on both Mac and Windows based PC’s. You do need to have an installation of Ableton Live 9 in order to use the device. If you do want some more Live freebies, take a look at the Free Devices page on the Amazing Noise website.

Video Demo

Check out the GliderVerb demo video:


Download Gliderverb

Free Pattern Based Drum Machine from Wejaam


Wejaam has just come out with a free pattern based drum machine called Wejaam Designer. Weejam Designer is a VSTi plugin for Windows and Mac.

“Wejaam Designer combines a sequencer, a sampler, a synthesizer and the randomization tool of Groove Drums that allows you to create easily and intuitively grooves and drums loops. The standalone version allows you to use the plugin without the need for a host sequencer and so be able to export Wejaam program independently.”

This plugin is available as a free download via Wejaam (25.9 MB EXE, 32/64-bit, VSTi, Win/Mac).

Just be aware that you are going to have to give your email address if you want to download the plugin. You will also have to activate the plugin after you install it.   All of these steps are absolutely free.

Even though this instrument was design especially for the WEJAAM application on iOS, the creator of the plugin has made a available a version for both Windows and Mac.   This was very generous of them and a great thing for us producers because we don’t have many instruments like this in the freeware world. I am going to give the Wejaam Designer a go to see if it fits my workflow.

This plugin is both a sampler and a synthesizer, featuring robust randomization options as well as a built in step sequencer. The download includes things like reverb, delay, distortion, flangers etc. They have also included a limiter and compressor.

I’m really excited to start testing this plugin out and I’m definitely confident by reading the positive opinions on the forums.

Video Demo

Check out the Wejaam Designer demo video:


Download Wejaam Designerclick here

OverTone DSP – Program EQ CM – Free With Computer Music #203

overtone EQ

Inside of the brand new issue of Computer Music is a free plugin called the Program EQ CM. It’s in VST format and will work on both Windows and Mac Based computers.

“Balance bass, tone up treble and inject some analogue-modelled character into your tracks and mixes with Program EQ CM, a tasty Pultec-style equaliser plugin for PC and Mac.”

You can get the latest edition CM #203, online from the Apple Newsstand or Google Play. The cost of the digital issue is only £2.99 via Zinio.

All of the bonus content comes bundled in the online version as well as the printed version. What that means is that you will have access to the entire CM Studio plugins which features dozens vsti’s and effects. This is perfect for anyone taking their first steps into the production world.

The Program EQ CM has been designed and modeled after a Pultec style EQ which is very well known for it’s high and low end EQ curves. The trick to this EQ is to boost and cut at the same time because it results in a more focused bottom and top end.

The most recent issue of Computer Music magazine, also comes jam packed with over 2700 exclusive free samples as well as a run down of the brand spanking new Bitwig multitrack host. If you were one of the customers who purchase the lastest issue of CM, electronically, then you will need to visit the CM Vault and register your dopy in order to gain access to all the other goodies.

Video Demo

Check out the Program EQ CM demo video:


Computer Music #203

LinPlug Introduces FreeAlpha v3.3 Public Beta


LinPlug has just released a newer version of FreeAlpha which is set to be public beta release. It’s an extremely powerful, yet very CPU light, freeware virtual analog synth.

“Here’s a preview of the new FreeAlpha. Now Mac and PC (and including a couple of bugfixes), Thanks everyone for your help!”

The latest release of this plugin is a free download via KVR Audio (9.36 MB EXE/DMG, VSTi/AUi, Win/Mac).

The older version of FreeAlpha was actually my go to synth for any of my live gigs. I’m super happy to see that its still being improved upon to this day. This was inspired by the Alpha Juno-1 analogue synthesizer and is extremely powerful. It’s super light on the CPU and I was able to load it on my old laptop with out any issues. This is definitely the perfect tool for creating those classic 80’s sounds but also works great for bass and leads too.

The newest version of this plugin comes with an improved GUI which is much cleaner then the older version. It has an improved modulation matrix that comes with 11 mod slots. It also has a cool new patch browser that is full screen. The newest features that are probably my favourite though are the filter saturation and unison mode which came from the Alpha Virtual Synth

Video Demo

Check out the FreeAlpha demo video:


Download FreeAlpha

WOK Releases BIGREV Reverb Effect (Free With Any Purchase)


BIGREV, a long reverb VST plugin for Windows has just been released by WOK, and it’s currently available free of charge as a bonus with any purchase. This special promotion was introduced on January 1st and will run until the end of March 2015.

The BIGREV reverb is the latest addition to WOK’s “one-trick-pony-chain, and it has been specifically designed for long reverb trails. As with other items in this series, the makers have ensured that the GUI features minimal controls, thereby paving the way for quick results when used.

Consumer can get their hands on BIGREV simply by purchasing any available plugin via WOK (32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

With simplicity in mind, BIGREV was designed with just four individual parameters which allow users to effectively control the input gain and mix ratio, in addition to being able to control both the tone and the duration of the reverb.

There is simply no doubt about it: if you appreciate user friendly plugins that have an easy to use interface, then WOK’s “One Trick Pony” freeware series is definitely something you should be looking into. Among the offerings you’ll come across are a superb reverse delay effect  and an equally as impressive micro pitch shifter plugin.

Additional freeware VST plugins can also be found by visiting WOK’s official website, and it’s worth noting that all their plugins are available in 32-bit VST format, thereby ensuring they are compatible with Windows operating systems.

Audio Demo

Check out the BIGREV audio demo:


WOK Plugins: click here